How many U-turns can one make in a day?

Needless to say, it was an adventure finding my friend’s house in Westport and revisiting my dentist. At least I no longer panic and just try to find driveways compatible with making turns. I missed Hockanum Road and ended up going to Punch Bowl Drive (that’s such a silly name for a road!). Then I made two U-turns on Bushy Ridge Road because I thought the corner house on Punch Bowl Drive was my destination due to the house number. Nope. So, I made my second U to go back on the road of ascending house numbers. Found it, parked, but had to go back towards Punch Bowl Drive to go to the dentist, so I made a third U. I drove past the lot for the dentist (always do) and made a U to go back. At least the appointment was uneventful. Then I drove back to my friend’s house to pick up the kids and had to make one final U. I guess that’s my record – 5 U-turns in a day.


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