Social Media Monday

I tweet a lot (manage 5 accounts) and even have over 1000 followers under subumom. I update my Facebook account too frequently. I have to get more acclimated to linkedin. I blog a lot. I am having fun with social media. Anyway, each of these accounts have different reasons for existing. Mostly, I maintain them to reconnect with people (FB and linkedin) and to express my thoughts (twitter and blogs). Twitter is most challenging because you’re only allowed 140 characters per tweet, and I enjoy that because it forces me to be succinct. I have also met a lot of moms, readers, musicians, and foodies through this outlet. Mind you, I do not tell people when I go to the bathroom or anything of that nature. It’s a miniblog for entries that do not warrant paragraphs.

In any case, I sometimes ask for advice on twitter, especially if it’s something my husband would probably roll his eyes about. Once I asked what I should do about the mud on my tires and got a few responses (nothing). Today I asked if anyone had ever used to order contacts. A company I hadn’t even heard of (Coastal Contacts) responded to my tweet and even told me they would be willing to match the price of After looking at their site, I may just order from them when I get a chance. I have to call them and you know how much I like talking on the phone.


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