Wordless Wednesday

“And you didn’t even say ‘thank you,'” the lady sneered as I walked around her car to get to my trunk. I need a bigger shopping cart. I pack things on the bottom that like to slip out when I slide the cart down the slope. Today I was holding two 8-packs of Bounty and pushing the cart. Of course, the 10-pack of juice boxes decided to slip out. The lady told me that it fell. I remember saying, “Oh” and backtracked. I also remember thinking, “couldn’t you have helped me pick it up?” Unfortunately, I don’t remember if I said, “thank you” or not, because I thought it would have been my natural response when she told me. I answered, “I did.” I was thinking, “of course, I did.” She said she was sorry, but she didn’t hear me. Eventually she drove away, but left me pondering about it all day. Maybe I didn’t? I’m sorry if I was too preoccupied to say, “thank you.” So, it was a wordless Wednesday…


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