Meet Weston’s Most Frightfully Good Dancer

Beauty and the BeastAfter the walk in Westport on Saturday, we went to the Weston Historical Society’s Halloween Fair. We were greeted by this friendly gent, who has to be the most frightfully (to WZR) good performer in Weston. As you can see, Maddy thought he was cool enough to jam with.

It was a really fun event, full of prizes from old-fashioned kids’ games like the bean toss, shooting gallery (with tennis balls), bowling, basketball, and frisbee toss. You can see Mads baring her new fangs. There was a pinata that wouldn’t  break despite being beat by sticks, bats, or WZR. Mads also enjoyed a pony ride, bouncy house (cool-looking one, but set up backwards), face painting, and crafts. There was a hayride offered, too, but Mads was not interested in getting poked by the hay. All the fun and games required tickets, but we didn’t have to buy any because generous friends of ours (one we met in the parking lot and the other at the fair) gave us their leftovers. Mads was even photographed for the local paper. We’ll see if she finally makes it in. As we were leaving, Mads was given more prizes to take home, including a witch finger and more teeth. The kids were both tired out from this event that they couldn’t stay awake for the Girl Scouts Annual Fair down the road.


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