I Spy a Witch at the Beardsley Zoo

We were at a birthday party at the zoo and took advantage of the exhibits afterwards. The maze is always fun, though I wish it were decorated with Halloween posters (it’s the same maze as always). We always get stuck somewhere anyway. Then we visited the piggies, who have gotten bigger! The haunted barn is full of fun Halloween ghouls and we spied a witch. I had to show off my wicked witch voice and threatened to add Mads to the caldron if she’s bad. “Little girls who don’t behave…” I screeched all afternoon. WZR loves the monkeys. There’s more Halloween fun this month at the zoo. Be sure to check them out with your kids.

Back to the birthday party: it was great! It started with a coloring craft, then a carousel ride, an animal encounter (snake skin, assorted bird feathers, animal hide, and a live ferret), pizza, cupcakes, more carousel rides, and a commemorative zoo penny. All this in about 90 minutes. The goody bag was chock full of loot. Mads and WZR had a great time! Now Mads wants a zoo birthday party.


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