Recipe: Easy Spaghetti Squash and Ground Turkey

Why didn’t I think of it myself? We’ve had it before as a vegetable side dish, but using it in place of pasta is a stroke of genius! The original recipe is from Fine Cooking and uses ground beef and a smaller-sized squash (2 pounds). We like turkey (it was on sale) and I didn’t have the recipe with me, so I ended up with a 4-pound squash. The only other alteration I made was leaving out the water portion at the end. Substituting pasta allows for more servings of bread to be enjoyed. Try the garlic bread recipe, too!

rake the spaghetti squash with a fork

Comments: It was another winner for dinner tonight. I didn’t have a baguette, but I did have slices of Italian bread, which worked fine. Oh, use a really sharp and big knife to open the squash. Let the kids rake the cooked squash to get the spaghetti and watch their eyes open wide in amazement.


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