Thankful Thursday

Could have been hit by a schoolbus coming down the hill as I was making a left turn onto Norfield Road from the church after picking up Mads. I commented on how dangerous it is there to my husband. He told me to rally for a stop sign at the intersection. Ha! You might think there isn’t a car coming from your left, but it could be going up the hill and you’re actually at the bottom. So, once you think it’s clear from the right, you make the left turn and then you see a car, truck, or bus coming right at you. If you panic and stop, that’s it. Luckily, I keep going even though I do panic because I’ve learned to make my turns quicker and I’ve seen them more than once. If they’re going 30 or less, you have a chance to escape. If they go faster than that, which they often do – BAM! Scary, I know. I have to make this turn twice a day.


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