Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom

So, there are destination points where I do not feel the need to turn on the GPS because I am confident about how to get home from Caraluzzi’s in Georgetown. Except I didn’t expect to be zoning out while driving. I subconsciously knew I was going to make a left turn soon onto Godfrey Road West from Rte 57, but when I “woke up” I realized I had driven past it. I didn’t panic, though. I just kept going and actually slowed down when I saw flashing lights ahead and a truck that stopped on my left. Ok, so I took the scenic route, but that was weird. Perhaps I need the GPS to bring me back to the present. Sheesh! Seriously, this happened one other time while I was driving a stroller to Mads’ summer camp. I was thinking about something and before I knew it I heard the nanny call my name. I was annoyed, “What?” “Oh, I said sheepishly as I turned around and walked back to the church.

Another pearl I have is that instead of pushing a stroller along the narrow roads (we don’t have sidewalks in this town), put the baby on your back with a carrier and walk. If I can carry 33 pounds on my back and walk uphill without panting, so can you! It’s safer, since you can continue your trek on the grass without the resistance you would meet with a stroller if a driver insists on driving you off the road. Actually, someone actually stopped his car and said with a smile that I looked “so cute with my baby on my back.” Ok, so my shoulders don’t really think this is cool, but it just takes some time.

On Amazon Prime, well, I kept bugging my husband about ending the account when the trial period was over, but actually, I’m glad he kept it. Two-day shipping, regardless of the number of qualified items, is pretty awesome. I just discovered that when buying books, some of the marketplace folks actually have their stock maintained at the Amazon warehouse so they qualify for Prime shipping. Instead of paying $3.99 shipping for a book, I got my next mommy book club book for 3 dollars less than the listed price on the general Amazon site and got it shipped for free. So, even if a book is selling for $2.97, if you have to pay $3.99 for shipping (it can take up to 21 business days for your book to arrive and the seller has 2 days to send it out), you might as well buy it for $7.97 and get free 2-day shipping. Loving that Prime thing. It’s almost as good as walking past the long line of nonmembers at the zoo or museum as a member.

What words of wisdom do you have to share?


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