Spare change and cans

We drink too much…soda that is. We took the cans and bottles to the supermarket and fed them to the machines. My favorite one is at Caraluzzi’s, where it is one machine that takes cans, glass, and plastic. Anyway, I have no shame when I carry a gigantic trash bag of recycling, even if I drop a few along the way and they make the “clangity” clang noise. The fact of the matter is, I got over $3 back, which is more money for groceries…or for more soda. I also took the contents of our change can to the CoinStar machine. The one I used at ex-Commerce Bank was easy; there was a hole for the change and you just dump it in. This one, I examined it for a good 15 minutes because I couldn’t figure out how and where to drop the coins. All I saw was the grate and a handle. Lifting the handle did not reveal a hole because you couldn’t lift it very far. The little holes do not allow coins to fit through. I looked for a pictorial, ANYTHING. No such luck. So, I did what I hate doing, I asked someone. Wouldn’t you know it, you’re supposed to pour the coins on the plate, lift the handle, and use your fingers to slowly slide the coins into the slot on the side. Am I the only one?Reminds me of the first and only time I had to pump my own gas. Another “lift handle” story for another day. I did get over $70 in iTunes credit. At this machine, if you get cash back they take a percentage of your savings. At some of the banks, like TD Bank, Fairfield County…they don’t.


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