Stinky Ballet Slippers

When should I get sentimental about lost, probably stinky, first pair ever ballet slippers? Should I get sentimental? I got Mads her first pair this past January from a ballet shop and it was the nice brand, BLOCH sized 10C. She got very good use out of them. In fact, they’re probably stinky and a little snug on her now, but they stretch since they’re leather. Too bad, last week someone swapped hers by accident. Mads put on someone’s 9-1/2W ABT brand and someone wore hers home. I just looked at them at the end of class and said, “These are not hers.” “But she put them on.” No, I didn’t put her name on them. I’ve never had a problem in the past. What can I do? I asked about them again today. No one has stepped forward and now no mom wants to talk to me because I made a big stink (no pun intended – I mean, pun intended) about them when I walked in. I probably looked at each mom with accusing eyes. Oh well, what can I say? I didn’t bother bringing home the wrong pair, either. Shoes that are too small for her are no good to me. I can’t consciously pretend that these were her first pair. Oh well. I got her a new pair, but I missed the BOGO sale. Life is just not fair. That’s ok, as long as Mads is having fun, but whoever has my baby’s first pair of ballet slippers, please give them back.



  1. Wow! It never ceases to amaze me the junk folks post online. Really?! Those “stinky ballet slippers” were probably tossed in the trash and that poor kid’s feet scrubbed raw to avoid athletes foot. Sorry… No sympathy… Just get over it!

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