Rear parking available

If you end most trips with “yay! We did it!” at the top of your lungs, ignore all stares of bewilderment, and you are perfectly parking-challenged, then you’d understand my excitement of discovering that the CVS in Westport has rear parking available. There are PLENTY of spacious spots available. Going to the Little Kitchen? Picking up some wine? Picking up pizza? Just go for parking in the rear. The bottom line is, there are more spots than just what’s in front of the strip. Yes, even more than the Trader Joe’s lot. Happy parking!


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  1. And go in the “back” way to avoid Post RD altogether! Also, if you’re going in to Trader Joe’s from 53, continue through the intersection at Post RD into the parking lot and go around to the back parking at Trader Joe’s. So much easier than driving in the front with everyone else!

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