We’re going to Goshen, CT. We’re going to the fair!

To see the clown and Heidi, with flowers on her dress.

Mads with Matica Arts

It was a slow morning, but we made it out to the Goshen Fair in time for the magic and circus acts. Actually, we each had our own agendas for the Fair: mine was the book sale, WZR’s was to see the animals, husband’s was to make sure we had a good time and enjoy fried and greasy foods, and Mads wanted to go on rides and see the magic show. The magic show was nothing to write home about, but the circus was actually pretty good. Their story is pretty neat, too.

Matica Art CircusThen we headed to the Lumber Jack Show of the Champions where axes flew at bullseyes and saws carved out rabbits. We watched from a distance while enjoying apple fritters, clam fritters, and snow cones.

Not Moose A. Moose

We visited the Goshen Library Book Sale next; I got 11 books for $6.50 (most were for Mads). Mads and WZR also got to see and pet some animals. Interestingly, there was a horseshoe crab in a tank, too. We took a break and sat in the shade while listening to the band squeezed into the gazebo. Then off to the rides we went. Mads went on the train, carousel, plane, Dizzy Dragon, in the bouncy house, and for the first time in her life, the Funnel Force swing and bumper car! Finally, we scanned through the crafts submitted by kids and also the vegetable winners. The cornstalks were twice my height and the pumpkins weighed more than I do! What a great day we had! If you want to learn the ABC’s of the Goshen Fair, check out my other post. The fair ends Monday (be sure to use the discount coupon if you go on Labor Day). Don’t miss out!


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