Bombay Westport – Our Favorite Indian Restaurant

Ok, so it’s Martha Stewart’s favorite, also, but we’ve been back several times already this year, so it is truly a favorite in this household. Their weekday lunch buffet is $3 less than their weekend price, and we expected fewer offerings, but the spread of items was still delectable. Mads and WZR went to town! Ok, we did, too. Hey, all you can eat hot naan and tandoori chicken, what’s not to like? We also enjoyed the spinach and chickpeas, basmati rice, and various other vegetarian dishes. There was also a spicy jumbo shrimp dish that was very good. And their rice pudding is always a nice way to end our visit. Best of all, they did not mind our ecstatically loud kids.

For romantic diners, the decor is very soothing. Not sure what music they play at night, but Mads absolutely went nuts with the Bollywood tunes and could not contain herself.


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  1. Sounds good! We like that place, too, but they didn’t like us the night we went. We have a little one that likes to eat rice with her hands-then shake her hands to try to get the sticky stuff off. You can imagine the mess!

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