Hot dog sauce? Find it at Capitol Lunch in New Britain.

Just mention Capitol Lunch to anyone on my husband’s side of the family and the salivary glands will start pumping out juices in anticipation for their famous SAUCE. If you’re a native New Yorker and have only had hot dogs with ketchup and onions or mustard, your first reaction to having meat sauce on hot dogs would probably be similar to mine. Excuse me? Meat sauce on hot dogs? What?! And if you really look at it, you’d find it kind of gross because it’s dark and…you get the picture. Take a bite into the hot dog with the sauce on it, though, and you’ll see why people go back for more. I was first introduced to meat sauce in Worcester, MA when my husband took a detour from our route home and had 12 hot dogs at George’s Coney Island Lunch. Today he only had 5 at our family gathering, but our entire order consisted of 43 hot dogs and 4 cheeseburgers! Are you salivating, yet?



  1. i don’t know…the sauce doesn’t look very appetizing haha. if you ever go to LA, you definitely need to try Pink’s hotdogs! they have just about every topping you could think of. oddly, i’d still like to try this meat sauce hot dog though!

  2. My dad is also one of those who salivates at the name
    Capitol Lunch! For his 70th b-day, I have ordered those famous
    Martin Rosol hot dogs, and found a recipe for the meat sauce–he’s
    gonna be so surprised!!

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