Caraluzzi’s – your neighborhood food store?

Looking for a supermarket with mini shopping carts for kids to push, or ones with a “car” in the front basket for both kids to ride in, and friendly staff? Try Caraluzzi’s in Georgetown. Mads likes their California and eel rolls, and they have decent ones. They also carry a selection of Japanese snacks, like Pocky and rice cakes (it’s like a giant marshmallow with red beans in it – yes, must like red beans to enjoy this dessert)! What I’ve recently discovered is their house brand cold cuts – turkey and roast beef. Caraluzzi’s has changed my taste buds and they have good deals. It’s really a great place to shop if you want an old-fashioned feel of a local supermarket, only it’s bigger. It has all the things you would want and a good variety, too. Prices are decent and their sales are pretty good. I need the 10 for $10 on pasta and 4 for $10-12 on soda, but I’ll live until my next Stop and Shop (SS) trip because I got my fresh Wave Hill Bread – can’t get that at SS. The kids were also offered free balloons. Nice!

Some tips: The carts for the backseat drivers are hidden outside where the enclosed can/plastic/glass recycling area is. They have ONE machine that takes EVERYTHING! The mini carts are by the exit; they can’t leave the store. There is a restroom with a changing table by the meat section. Be careful when pushing a loaded cart in the parking area in front of the store; it is slanted and has caused me to scrape my car door with the cart.


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