She had a bad day…

We were enjoying the sea breeze again today. So nice parking at the Soundview Lot and just walking over to the beach. Although today we went to the restrooms first (still not a bad trot with the stroller and all the beach stuff) and then to Joe’s Restaurant (food shack). We ate a mix of packed lunch and bought lunch at the picnic tables under the pavilion. Soon the birds joined us, too, because WZR became amused that they were interested in eating the food he threw at them. When we finally got to the sand, the three of us went “swimming.” Mads scraped her knee on the pebbles and shells that lined the shores. There was some drama for a little bit, then we played in the sand. Two “big girls” came over and asked if she wanted to build a sand castle with them. Mads was so amazed that these 8-10 year-old girls wanted to play with her and she didn’t even have to ask them! Well, they failed at building much of anything because they kept filling the bucket with various amounts of sand and water. I suggested that they use the mud closer to shore that was left from the waves. Maybe my stubbornness rubbed off of them because they got frustrated and stopped trying even after I showed them how nicely the mud worked. I was able to convince Mads to go back into the water, so we sat and skipped stones by the sea shore. Soooooo nice! When everyone was tired, we gathered our things together. As I was folding the towels, Maddy was horsing around on the double stroller and it, of course, fell on top of her. Thank goodness we were not on concrete, but still it was traumatizing to her and she hurt her other leg. Sigh. We made it to the parking lot with a foreigner, whom WZR was mesmerized with. The gentleman left his lady friend briefly to carry my bag that weighed a ton (what’s in there?!?!) as I lugged the stroller backwards with both kids in it. Needless to say, they both conked out as soon as I started the engine. I hope this is as rough as any day will get for a preschooler.


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