Dragon Boat Racing and Asian Festival in Hartford

DCHIt was a combination of sweat, tears, and cheers at the races at the Hartford Riverfront. We rooted for DCH (shown winning one of the dragon boat races above) because my siblings are/were affiliated with the team . Anyway, the sun was brutal, the humidity uncomfortable, but a good day was had by all 7 of us. Mads even got to be a butterfly princess again with the free face painting. There was a kids’ activity tent, where hair clips, masks, fans, and other Asian decorations could be made. I noticed that they did use hell bank notes to wrap toilet paper rolls and we prayed that my mother did not see that. Whew, she didn’t. Needless to say, this tent was not run by Asians. There was  a ping pong demonstration and CT’s best player was there to offer quick lessons, but the line was too long for Mads to care. We also enjoyed martial arts, singing, and dance exhibitions on the untented stage throughout the day under a shady tree enjoying the picnic that I packed. An assortment of food was offered for fees at this event: funnel cake, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese cuisines, Italian ices, etc. We also met up with new friends I met through this very blog! Hopefully, they will be our neighbors in the near future.

More races and events are happening tomorrow (it only took us a little over an hour to drive there), so get going! Bring lots of water and sunblock! Or just go enjoy the park and the Mortensen Riverfront Plaza. You can definitely make it a day trip with the trails, boat rides, Science Museum, and more any other day! There’s also downtown Hartford to stroll around and admire the architecture. Just have a good time!



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