Book Talk: Just in Case by Meg Rosoff

Do you believe in Fate? David Case didn’t think twice about fate until his baby brother almost flew out the window. This was a life-altering event for David, who ends up trying to hide from his fate of impending doom by changing his name to Justin and then his look. An imaginary greyhound is his new buddy. He meets Agnes, an older girl (he’s 15, she’s 19) who is a photographer and designer at a consignment store. She helps him put together his new look and takes pictures that end up in a magazine, and later in her art exhibit. The relationship gets complicated, as does his life. At school, he has one friend, Peter, who stays loyal to him the entire time. Peter’s family also helps him out when Justin has sunk to his all-time low. Then the moment of doom occurs and only one person can pull him back to the living. You’ll have to read the book to find out who this powerful person is who can help David defy Fate. The author was very clever to alternate between the narrator’s voice and Fate‘s. Great book!


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