Sssss…The Cobra at the Carnival

The Cobra

That four-hour nap on Friday probably boosted her height an inch so that she could ride the kiddie roller coaster (aka the cobra) at the Easton Volunteer Fire Department Carnival tonight. This was Mads’ first roller coaster ride ever and she started the evening of fun with this FAST-paced train with her daddy. I went on the Dizzy Dino with her next. Then we made our rounds with the usual kiddie rides. While she was on the motorbike, I gazed beyond the Tornado and stared at the Ali Baba. I wanted to go on it. I don’t know if it was the yearning to feel the summer evening’s breeze or that I just wanted to release a good scream out of me. I got the breeze and a nice view at the top, but didn’t get out any noise, just giggles. I went on the roller coaster with Mads (why not?). So, we were next on line. I began to worry when she did her dance. It was not a dance of excitement….  Like the good mother that I am, I asked if she could hold it. We actually got into the first car without having to wait for the next round. She kept it together. What I didn’t get, though, was why the kid conductor told me to “have her sit to [my] right.” I think he meant that I should sit on HER right because I had to use every ounce of my strength to keep from crushing her. Turns out her daddy did, too. Hmmmm… Anyway, we ended the evening with the Super Slide (I didn’t scream this time) after we used the portabath. It was really a gorgeous night out.


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