SBC Restaurant and Brewery is kid-friendly

On Sunday, after doing some light damage at the library book sale in Southport, we headed for an early dinner at the Southport Brewing Company. Ok, 5 pm is really early for us, but actually is a great time for families to dine. Although we were one of the first to be seated, the dining room gradually filled up with other families. While I didn’t particularly enjoy my mahi sandwich, my husband liked his burger and beer samples, and Mads did her best with her tray of salmon, steamed vegetables, french fries, fruit cup, ice cream, and chocolate milk (all for $7.95, mind you). Their kids’ menu is pretty extensive spanning from mac and cheese to salmon. There is also an infant and tots menu with just a few items (eg a box of cheerios). Mads’ meal appeared with our appetizer (we didn’t even ask for that). Other signs of kid-friendliness include a changing table in the main restroom and plastic flatware presented with the tray. Our waiter was hopefully new at his job, and he was lucky that the manager was very attentive to our needs (mostly because of Mads). Overall, we enjoyed our reasonably-priced experience and would go back for their brunch or family nights (Sundays).


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