Castle Craig Tower in Hubbard Park, a Hidden Gem in CT?

Castle Craig

On our way home from Southington, CT on Sunday, we made a slight detour to Hubbard Park in the city of Meriden. The Castle Craig Tower (shown above) was built in 1900 and is actually an observation tower. Climb up the metal staircase (I did with WZR on my belly; back is probably better in hindsight – haha) and take in the breathtaking views of Connecticut. On a clear day, you might be able to see the Long Island Sound, but probably not without binoculars (take a pair with you if you’re planning to go). There used to be a telescope at the top, but that has been removed. You can actually drive to the castle, but some people choose to hike up. Careful, if you do drive, note that the roads are too narrow for 2-lane traffic PLUS pedestrians/bikers, and the gate closes at 4:45 PM. Hubbard Park is 1800 acres and has a bandshell for concerts. There is a playground for kids, tennis courts, and other outdoor recreation amenities. Take a day trip and see for yourselves.

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