“Do you believe in magic?” Mads does!

Mads' new idol

Mads is a fanatic when it comes to magic shows. I’m not sure I know of any other 3 1/2 year-olds who LOVE it so much. Sometimes the magicians don’t realize that she understands what is going on because of her size and they don’t pay attention to her, but watch her facial expressions and you’ll see. She even has tried a few tricks of her own – very cute! Ask her to show you one next time you see her; you’ll be quite amused.

Last night we went to a Levitt Pavilion show sponsored by the Westport Young Women’s League. We were a little annoyed because the show was moved from the lawn to the Saugatuck Elementary School auditorium. This was not updated on the web site, so we learned the hard way, but a friend did try to let me know electronically. In retrospect, we were better off in the auditorium because we sat in the second row and Mads enjoyed every moment of the Magic of Lyn. Yes, “eye-popping, jaw-dropping” illusions describe her acts well. From doves to dancing handkerchiefs to guillotines to dis/reappearing tricks, her outfits were just as dazzling. She was even nice enough to sign a postcard for Mads and pose for a picture. Nope, as you can see, there were no quick changes occurred during this photo op!

Her assistantthe floating girlthe dancing handkerchiefself severing sillinessreappeared in her "window"carrots sliced, but not headLyn machineOrigami stintpresto houdini

grand finale


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