Basic wiring: headpins and eyepins

Class this morning. Stay tuned.

My basic wiring class to make earrings and pendants at Sugarbeads in Ridgefield was great. I had a private lesson and chose to start from scratch because what I’ve made in the past was just based on observation.

the toolstwist and shoutbriolette

Now I know what headpins, eyepins, earring wires, flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, briolettes, nippers are. I can also make better loops (didn’t know I was supposed to switch back and forth between flat nose and round nose pliers). I have also played with silver, which is much more malleable. The class was an hour and only $35. After the class, you get a 10% off purchase for the day. I took advantage of that and bought a new set of tools because mine were really not fit for making small loops. I even bought some more beads and wires. If I could I would spend hours in there because there are so many beads to choose from.

inside the store

However, you can also buy beads online; I recently bought some through etsy’s scraparcs, whom I met on twitter (I kid you not). You can also find them at craft stores, like Sew Crafty. Now I feel empowered and am ready to try the designs on Maybe I’ll even post some of my creations.


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