Debut at Bisceglie Pond

Bisceglie Pond

The Bisceglie Pond opened on June 20th, but the weather has not been too cooperative. We invited some Westonites to meet us there today, even though there were only periods of sunshine. It was humid, and the water was frigid, but it’s actually very pleasant. The sand does not have shells or rocks. Yes, there are tadpoles swimming in the pond. That did not stop the kids from going in and having fun in the wading section of the pond. To go past the ropes, a swim test must be passed. Overall, a really pleasant place to hang out with the kids and chat with other moms. There is a man-made pond, beach area, and playground for those who don’t want to get wet. Changing/outhouse facilities are available in the yellow house. A vending machine is conspicuously located in the white house behind the picnic table by the entrance. Two picnic tables are available on the side for your eating pleasure. The pond is open 7 days a week from 11:30 am to 6 pm through Labor Day. It’s free for Westonites; guests must be accompanied by a Westonite.

BnC Tips to maximize enjoyment:

1) Bring sand toys for the kids and label them (unless you enjoy swapping)

2) Bring beach chairs or a blanket to sit on (it can get a little crowded)

3) Wear bathing suits/swim diapers for water fun

4) Put on bug spray and sun block

5) Bring extra towels

6) Don’t forget the snacks

7) Have something handy to throw to your child to bring him/her back to shore (see below for full story)

We’ll be back some more this summer. Please say hello if you recognize us, or even if you don’t 🙂




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