My Rugrats in Ridgefield

How come it gets harder to get out of the house now that school’s out? When we finally did get into the car, we went to the playground within Ballard Park, but not before stopping at Planet Pizza. The slices were big and the toppings were great.

“Why is the pasta so hard?” Mental note: tell them not to reheat the slice with pasta in the future. She enjoyed them anyway.

After we had some fun climbing and pretending, we went to Super Stop & Shop for some driving.

I absolutely LOVE that supermarket! Not only because of the cool car, but because I can find everything I need (that I can remember) in one place. Of course, the real reason is the portable EasyShop scanner. Mads ended up learning how to use it. When the virtual coupons showed up, she showed me each item and asked if I added that to the cart, yet. She thought it was my checklist. One day, honey, one day. For now I have my list on my iPhone.

We didn’t have time to go anywhere else, but here are some other cool places to visit next time you’re in Ridgefield:

  • Kohl’s (same lot as Super Stop & Shop)
  • Sugarbeads (can park in the same lot as Super Stop & Shop)
  • The Children’s Cottage, a consignment store (park in CVS lot)
  • The Silver Lining (hidden antique treasures) (park in CVS lot)
  • the children’s room at the Ridgefield Public Library (park in CVS lot)

1 Comment

  1. I actually find Planet Pizza to be one of the worst I’ve had! I love crust and there’s is just not very good-IMHO. Joe’s Pizza in Westport is quite good!

    I love consignment and thrift stores! Thanks for introducing me to new ones!

    The kids are adorable, BTW!

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