Book Talk: Oh, that Amelia Bedelia!


I had forgotten about silly Amelia Bedelia (by Peggy Parish and Herman Parish) until we stumbled upon the first book at the library. It was actually a new copy, but the story’s old. Amelia Bedelia takes the list of chores literally and sews clothing for a whole chicken when asked to dress the chicken; hangs the light bulbs on the clothing rack outside when asked to put out the lights; and sketches the curtains when asked to draw the curtains to keep the sun out. Her saving grace from being fired is her ability to cook and bake, but never what she’s asked to make. In the one we borrowed yesterday, Good work, Amelia Bedelia, she is told to go fly a kite, and she does! Mads really enjoys these and I can see her thinking hard about why Amelia Bedelia is funny, but she gets it in the end. Now she wants to bake a real sponge cake, not like the one Amelia Bedelia made with sponges. All I know is, if Amelia Bedelia was my maid, I would go bonkers.

About the Amelia Bedelia authors.

List of books.


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