Kid Craft: Simple Necklaces

The school year came to an end for Mads last week. With 6 teachers to consider for gifts, we ended up making unique necklaces with materials from my new favorite local bead store: Sugarbeads in Ridgefield. I picked out several unique beads and explained the project to one of the co-owners, Pam, who also designs beautiful jewelry. She immediately started “sketching” with her finger in the air and suggested that I use leather cords and add silver beads at the end. She even showed me how to tie the ends so that the length of the necklace could be adjusted. We even picked out different colored cords together. Needless to say, Mads enjoyed making the necklaces for her teachers, and the gifts were well-received. I am sooo excited about the earring class I’ll be taking on the 27th! Think of all the possibilities!

We used gold, silver, and black cords.

Bead the string with a silver bead first, then pull both strings through the pendant.

Take one end and tie a knot around the other end of the necklace (~ 2 inches from the tip).

Tie the other end to the other side of the necklace. Now you have an adjustable necklace. Be sure the final length is enough to put the necklace over your head.

The proud look on her face is so precious!

The final products.

I spent a lot of time in Ridgefield because that’s where the preschool is, but you may find that Beadworks, my other favorite store, in Norwalk is more accessible. Send the husband with the kids to the aquarium while you take a beading class. Sounds like a good plan to me! You can also find nice beads online via other companies, like Oriental Trading, or local craft stores (I found nice glass beads for cheap). Antique buttons make nice jewelry, too, so don’t forget the tag sales and antique fairs.



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